Loss of riots trillion yen in the world

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Loss of riots trillion yen in the world The most dangerous credulity of Japan is insensitive local information in the Middle East of change Remarks of no consideration is, no doubt from the pride of being who knows than now in the Middle East. Whose eyes speak to frank their own judgment without having to worry about, to good if we win, only regret Once out. I always feel journalist such a graciousness. Heart in the remaining story there are several. [Middle East image of Japanese has remained stagnant at the 0's. Palestinian guerrillas, the Iranian Revolution, the Japanese Red Army. Middle East transcends such an image is showing a new face. For example, 0 of the population in the Arab countries is less than 0 years old. They do not know the Middle East of the national liberation movement by the Japanese to support unconditionally. Now, Pan-Arabism is weathered, each of the countries is to be [their first], there is no commitment former resource nationalism. Saudi Arabia is holding hands with Israel and back to Danko and Qatar, Israel is a rich than Japan, but just alone win in the Middle East.

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