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Facing the [Dakar 00] first Saudi held

Loss of riots trillion yen in the world Dakar Rally 00 to be the first ever in the Middle East held. The perilous terrain, to introduce the all-star cast of Red Bull Desert Wings to 000km off-road. 00 years, the Dakar Rally is directed to the host country to be 0 countries first in its illustrious history. 0 years in Africa, the toughest rally in the times this world that was gone through held in South America will be the first time step into the Middle East, the foot to Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, also spread deserts and a wide variety of challenging terrain to where the waiting the rally raid racers of the world-class skills of speed and navigation will be tested in all the weekly aimed at the Arabian Gulf from the Red Sea. In addition, competitors who aim the finish line, we must also beyond the dunes group of height 0m. Of wheel class defending champion Nasser Arua Tiya (Qatar) also occupies a corner of the winning candidate in Saudi Arabia. Aruatiya that impel between Chubo Mel and Toyota Hilux of the co-driver has remained strong in recent years of Dakar.

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